Thursday, February 12, 2009

Opiate Dependence, Heavy Metal & the HotShit Pic Blog

Sitting here at 7am listening to Hell Awaits by Slayer, played neighborhood-disturbingly loud, I contemplate my soon to be turned upside down gay life. I just realised that no gay guy I know actually listens to, let alone LOVES the band Slayer or any heavy metal band for that matter! Am I a freak in both the gay and metal world? Well? Anyway, after another sleepless night I've decided to talk to you about my drug addiction. I'm gonna let you into a part of my life I don't discuss here and that is Opiate Addiction. When I was 22 I was circumcised, prescribed Oxycodone and that was that...instant junkie. I was in love. The addiction quickly spiraled out of control and subsequently, so did my life, my relationship, some friendships and my great job as a Manager. I lost it all due to being so high every day. I was ALWAYS high, from the moment I got up I would swallow handfuls of codeine pills or cold water extract the codeine as liquid. Don't get me wrong, I was never on Heroin/Diacetylmorphine, instead I took Oxycodone, Morphine and Codeine, also Imodium/Loperamide during withdrawal as it is an opiate too and helped ease the symptoms. It was mainly codeine towards the end though due to it's easy over the counter availability. I took an average of 1200mg's daily for 2 years, was a regular at over 40+ pharmacies and after almost dying several times, I was urged to seek treatment, and was placed on Suboxone/Buprenorphine and my life immediately became a hell of a lot better. Years later, I am still an addict, on a higher dose than when I started, and staring my one week away detox in my eye. Next week I get a Naltrexone Implant by Dr George O'Neil in Perth. He actually invented the implant, so I feel very privileged to have him put the implant in place. One can no longer be physically opiate dependent whilst on Naltrexone, it is a guarantee against re-addiction. Fuck I wish I had have detoxed back in the past whilst still on Codeine. Buprenorphine is so much more potent than codeine can ever be and as a result, my addiction 'level' skyrocketed above what is was whilst on codeine. This means a hell of a withdrawal is due for me next week when I get my Naltrexone Implant. I am excited and preparing myself for the agony to come. As I've already been lowering my dose already I feel a constant slight withdrawal, a taste of what is to come once the implant is put in place. Enough of that but if you actually would like to read more about my addiction check out: it is my other blog, detailing my drug addictions. Off that subject and onto the next which is to say thanks to HotShit for the great wank material I lusted over last night! So many sexy pics of young men and their gorgeous packages, check out pic number 2 in the new post 'Part 2', FUCKING HOT, as are all the pics there! Props to HotShit!

Here's a few pics to say goodbye with...

Stay Sexy!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Speedos and Bulges - Offensive? Not HERE!

It appears most women in Australia and a lot of men too (mainly straight), seem to have a major problem with the speedo. They claim the bulge looks disgusting, so I must ask myself why are these losers even looking at the men wearing said garments if they hate it so much? Why hate a mans bulge with a passion. If a woman isn't a lezzo then why hate a bulge? They like the cock behind the fabric, so what's wrong then? I think these people are fearful, perhaps of becoming aroused, because they know deep inside that usually the men who wear speedos have the body to match and look HOT!

When at the beach or anywhere I adore looking at men in speedos or any type of underwear or swimwear, I just love looking at the bulges and letting my imagination of what their package looks like run rampant! I also love to gently caress a man in his underwear, and feeling/seeing his cock harden up as I gently stimulate him into a full blown erection and then gently bite his rod through his briefs, teasing and nipping him whilst softly rubbing the spot behind his knob. I then take his briefs off with my mouth, proceeding to go down on him...

I'd better stop! So finally I'd like to take a brief moment and celebrate the mighty bulge and speedo with a few pics!

The first pic is water printed with the owners site logo.

What's not to love about a package?

And a few more delicious bulges, imagine what's underneath!

For now, I shall continue to be eternally fascinated and driven to lust by the stimulating sight of a packaged bulge!

Stay sexy

Saturday, February 7, 2009

All Aussie Perv Fest

One of the greatest aspects of living in Australia is there is no lack of eye candy in the men, especially in the summer when a lot exchange shirts for singlets and show off their fine biceps, I'm continuously falling in lust minute after minute walking through the city checking out all the hot men and also getting a few glances in return from some men who notice that I am checking them out. I can't help it, I love seeing biceps and the shape of taut pectoral muscles through the singlets, damn sexy! My best mate is so hot, and straight too, but I would never violate our long standing friendship by hitting on him, damn I check out chicks with him and point them out for him to check out. He don't look at guys though!

Here's a few guys I found online...the first wearing the sexy singlet!

Here's a damn sexy guy with a fine cock, I've wanked over this man many times!

And a fine young man I found online ages ago, damn fucking sexy! I'd do that all day long!

Stay sexy xox

'Male' Blow Up Doll...My First Time! Damn!

For an interesting topic of blog conversation I decided to embark upon a quest, a quest that my brother assured me, would bring great rewards...I was going to see what it was like to fuck a blow up doll! I'd always wondered about them, although never actually would have tried it were it not for my younger brother excitedly telling me about how he fucks a blow up doll instead of masturbating when not with his fiance, who lives separately. I thought what the hell, it'll give me something to write and talk about and I felt like some different and interesting solo activity!

So out I went to the adult store and I got the doll, a male doll that was a very ugly and surprised looking thing! "Big John" also had a vagina and no dick...interesting! 3 holes! On the way home from the store in my car after buying it I felt really aroused and also kept laughing to myself at the seemingly silly idea of the blow up doll and what I was going to do with it! Mingled with thoughts of my brothers promises of how good it will feel as long as when I break the hymens, to really careful and cut all excess plastic off so I won't get 'irritated' down there, and to also lube it up well!

Night falls...

Now actually blowing up the doll caused a case of oxygen deficiency for a minute or so and this, combined with the awkwardness of getting the doll blown up to a decent amount without deflating slightly, or having the plastic stopper popping out when I wanted to hurry and actually stick my dick into this thing, was enough to tell me that I definitely won't be fucking this doll too often...much hassle it seemed. I got through this impatience because I was unusually horny and ready to feel good!

Normally I only really use dildos during masturbation, so preparing to fuck this doll made me so horny as this was to be totally different or opposite. Anyway I shoved my lubed and hard as a rock cock into the pre-lubed mouth hole of Big John and very slowly, full of anticipation, began to do my thing. After a few seconds of inserting slowly, I have to say how damn surprised I actually was at how amazing this felt, about 80% realistic! Perhaps more. It actually felt like a mouth of someone when you can sort of feel their teeth, so the lips of the circle mouth was a harder plastic. After a few very slow thrusts and moans of pleasure I started to fuck the face of the doll as hard as I could, looking down at the doll as I watched it suck me off was very erotic as I held it's head and rammed my cock into it, imagining it was someone I know. It is at this point that I will say that slower is better, and creates such orgasmic sensations from the get go.

After five or so minutes I lay on top of the doll and inserted my extremely hard cock into the ass. After the initial awkwardness of finding a position that actually works properly with the angle of the hole, I lay on top of the doll and hugged it close and fantasized I was fucking some really hot stranger. I closed my eyes as I thrusted very gently and devoured every orgasmic sensation that was beginning to surge throughout my body, down my legs and up my spine. At this point I completely understood why people use blow up dolls, it feels absolutely fucking amazing, not entirely realistic but a feeling unto itself. I switched and proceeded to fuck the vagina and it felt a bit less good as the anus hole in my opinion so I switched back. I couldn't help myself and within 15 minutes of such slow and intense sensations and vivid fantasizing I let myself ejaculate on the first orgasm...I wasn't planning to, but unfortunately I had crossed the point of no return and I knew it, so at that quick point I thrusted like an animal so I wouldn't lose my orgasm and after a few seconds ejaculated into the doll and began moving slowly. I reckon this orgasm lasted over 2 minutes as I kept pumping ever so slowly, holding onto the orgasm, reveling in it and trying to keep hold of it as long as possible due to the fact I knew I couldn't be bothered getting worked up again for another orgasm later!

After wards I felt very ridiculous as I looked at the doll, cum oozing out of the ass hole that I was now trying to figure out how I was going to clean...perhaps I should have used a condom! Ah well! Cleaning up is a hassle as lube seems to get everywhere all over the doll...I showered and used toy cleaner and warn water to clean out the holes thoroughly and packed the doll away, waiting to be forgotten until I discover it one day!

All in all I would give this experience a 9/10. It is worth doing guys, even just once to experience this cheap thrill!

Stay sexy! Below is what a 'Big John' looks like!!! Ain't he just adorable lol

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Hot Wank - Edging Rules!

Last night I had one of the best wanks of my went for two hours and I had a total of seven orgasms and one ejaculation at the very end. After admiring many hot delicious cock and bods in my favorite man blogs (see blog roll) I decided to go lay on my bed, switch on a decent porno (one where all the guys have massive 9+ inch cocks, and I get to dream that I could be fucked by each and every cock I see on the screen!) I crave cock 24/7.

As a practitioner of Taoist sexuality to certain extent, I can only achieve these full body non-ejaculation orgasms when masturbating, as the men I have sex with are simple fuck n' blow kind of guys, not that there's anything wrong with that but I love my sex and orgasmic feelings to last as long as possible. Practicing edging is a must for a truly great orgasm. I basically masturbate to just before 'the point of no return' and stop the stimulation, when done correctly, your cock will proceed to throb with an orgasm but no ejaculate if you control and squeeze your PC muscle. (The PC is the muscle we use to squeeze our rectum or hold on for a piss). Doing this procedure allows one to have as many orgasms that get stronger each time, and if they wish, blow one huge load after having the desired amount of orgasms. Thank God for my penis and my hands, thank God for cock! Amen-Ra!

Some Pics - The first one is me.

I would LOVE to bounce on this fine cock below:

If only I could also bounce on this...

Stay sexy all you lovely men!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Send Your Pics Or Links

I'm always on the lookout for new gay blogs so if you come across mine, please send me you link and I shall add you to my blog roll. Also, send your pics if you are proud of your cock! By the way, the one in the header of this blog is me. As is the pic below of me using my deliciously stimulating buttplug :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Nudist Beach Experience

It was such a hot day and after finishing work at an early pm hour, going to the local clothing optional beach was in order. Having previously considered the possibliity of going before leaving for work, a bag was already packed, containing a towel, thongs (flip flops for some non Aussie readers!) and not much else!

Upon arriving after the fairly long drive, I found the beach to have but 10 people in a one kilometer vicinity, awesome, as that meant privacy! Little did I know I never had privacy! Setting up my towel beneath a secluded part of the beach near the sand dune that line the beach, I eagerly stripped off my clothes and lay on the towel, in the process making a big enough dent in the sand beneath the towel for my dick to sit without being squished!

Well After 10 or so minutes had passed, with my dark sunglasses on, I happened to look around, observe the beach and gaze up at the dune, in clear view was a guy with his shorts down tossing his impressive cock as he watching me lay nude. This instantly made me become aroused and caused me to 'inspire' him! I had conflicting feelings but I was suddenly intrigued and felt flattered I was being wanked over, so to speak! So I did what any horny gay man would do, I looked up at him, grinned seductively, and slowly positioned myself on my back. Surveying the beach, no-one watching or even nearby enough to notice, I began to slowly masturbate my hardening cock just for a few seconds. New thoughts were running through my head. This was all new to me and very arousing and it all made me horny as fuck!

As I lay back onto my stomach and looked up, the guy beckoned me to join him! Obviously I'd done the right thing to inspire him as I was needing a blow job! As I approached him he instantly fell to his knees, jerking his cock and proceeded to give me one of the most beautiful head jobs I'd ever received. After awhile he gently made me bend over and to my surprise and pleasure, he spread my ass cheeks and began to lick around my anus, and eventually began full on rimming my anus! Oh it was absolutely fucking divine, blissful, causing me to surge back and force whilst he fucked my ass with his tongue. This was public, forbidden sex, and I couldn't have given a flying fuck if we'd been caught at that point, he was too horny to stop and so was I!

At this point we moved into a 69 position, hidden, and he continued to rim me and suck my cock alternately with such perfection, whilst I admired and sucked his incredibly beautiful uncut long dick. I gave him a head job he'll never forget as at that moment I'd magically learnt to deep throat a huge cock without gagging, a feat unto itself! This was the freest sexual experience I've ever had and I loved every minute of it. As he neared the verge I positioned to let him spurt his delicious cum into my mouth, the feeling of warm spurting man juice is so sexy! To finish me off, he began to rim me again as I sat on his face pulling myself to orgasm. It didn't take too long as before I could moan I was spraying cum everywhere and at that moment it felt as if my soul left my body, this was euphoria! Too bad it was public ad not a private session.

We exchanged phone numbers and had small talk as he left and I returned to the beach to continue sunbathing nude, pleased and content and feeling like a man should! We since have spoken and will meet for another private session soon. Expect to hear about it.

Stay sexy~