Monday, February 9, 2009

Speedos and Bulges - Offensive? Not HERE!

It appears most women in Australia and a lot of men too (mainly straight), seem to have a major problem with the speedo. They claim the bulge looks disgusting, so I must ask myself why are these losers even looking at the men wearing said garments if they hate it so much? Why hate a mans bulge with a passion. If a woman isn't a lezzo then why hate a bulge? They like the cock behind the fabric, so what's wrong then? I think these people are fearful, perhaps of becoming aroused, because they know deep inside that usually the men who wear speedos have the body to match and look HOT!

When at the beach or anywhere I adore looking at men in speedos or any type of underwear or swimwear, I just love looking at the bulges and letting my imagination of what their package looks like run rampant! I also love to gently caress a man in his underwear, and feeling/seeing his cock harden up as I gently stimulate him into a full blown erection and then gently bite his rod through his briefs, teasing and nipping him whilst softly rubbing the spot behind his knob. I then take his briefs off with my mouth, proceeding to go down on him...

I'd better stop! So finally I'd like to take a brief moment and celebrate the mighty bulge and speedo with a few pics!

The first pic is water printed with the owners site logo.

What's not to love about a package?

And a few more delicious bulges, imagine what's underneath!

For now, I shall continue to be eternally fascinated and driven to lust by the stimulating sight of a packaged bulge!

Stay sexy

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